Our History

Maverick’s Donut Company began operations in 2016 with one small location in the heart of central Ottawa. Spending the first four years perfecting its recipes, and building a name for itself in Ottawa, the company quickly became recognized for being the one true “Maverick” of the local donut world.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Maverick’s Donuts refined its concept and successfully opened its first suburban location in Ottawa’s west end. With so much hype leading up to its opening, Maverick’s saw its highest single-location sales ever. With sales continuing on trajectory throughout the pandemic, Maverick’s Donut Company successfully defined what it was to be a flourishing retail donut shop.

With an experienced team of operations and franchise specialists, along with experienced trainers and an excellent support staff, Maverick’s Donuts is now at the forefront of incredible company growth. We would invite you to learn more about our vision and company as we just might be the perfect fit for your business aspirations.

We encourage you to connect with one of our Franchise Specialists who will gladly help you understand all aspects of our business.  We will take all the necessary steps to properly qualify you and therefor ensure that this is the right opportunity for you and your future business goals!

"AMAZING products!"

Maverick’s Donuts understands the importance of driving business for our franchisees. Our systems and processes have been honed, our supplier chain is strong, and we have found the perfect pricing mix that screams quality, value, and profits.

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Mavericks Donuts Franchise Canada Magazine
Listen to Radio Interview with Jon Martin, Managing Partner and Vice President of Operations with Maverick’s Donuts.


Tim Hortons sells approximately 3 million donuts a day. Maverick’s Donuts consistently rank higher in taste and quality in our customer trials.
Canadians eat more donuts than any other country’s citizens. It is truly Canada’s unofficial national treat!
Retail sales of baked goods are expected to grow by a 3.4% per year reaching $6.6 billion in 2022.*
Per capita expenditure on baked goods increased to over $150/person/year.*
Per capital expenditure on baked goods is expected to increase by a compound annualized growth rate of 2.5%, reaching $173.2 in 2022.
Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Growth.
The coronavirus’s global response has fundamentally changed the reality for a lot of industries, retail especially facing unprecedented spikes in demand across Canada. Maverick’s concept is pandemic friendly with no closures even during the worst of the pandemic. In fact, system-wide sales increased drastically during the pandemic.
Renewed focus on “Shop-Local”. 
The National Retail Federation reports that 49% of consumers “have made a purchase specifically to support local small businesses during the pandemic”, and 72% of respondents say they will frequent local businesses more often. Maverick’s Donut franchisees will be seen as a new local business with an exciting, delicious offering.

Our franchise owners are our top priority.

We understand that feeling secure in your business comes from being prepared.  It is for this reason that we will make sure to provide you with all of the information, tools, and resources you will need to better help you succeed. Not only will you have a dedicated Support Officer who will guide you through the opening of your franchise, but once you are set up, you will also have a dedicated Franchise Business Coach to assist you every step of the way.

As a Maverick’s franchisee, you will be trained on our proven system, providing you with the necessary expertise to create the industry’s most unique donuts.  We do so by using quality products, all the while maintaining great margins! 

As a Maverick’s franchisee, you would have the ability to network with other businesses in your territory therefor developing Corporate Accounts which would allow for  recurring catering opportunities.

Weddings, birthdays and other special events, such as baby showers, are always better with fresh donuts.


You are joining a team of experts in restaurants, and business development, whose goal is to support you as a franchisee and help ensure your continued success.


Learn all aspects of business operations with hands-on training in one of our Ottawa locations.


Our Launch Coach visits your shop for the first week of opening to help iron out the operational details.


Expert guidance and support for all aspects of operations, marketing, HR and even bookkeeping.

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