Below is a list of frequently asked questions about our products. 

Do I need to purchase a specific number of donuts?

In short, the answer is no!  We sell our donuts individually so you can purchase as little or as many as you would like.  The long answer is that the more you buy, the more you save.  We offer a bulk pricing discount of 10% on order of 12 or more donuts.  

How many donuts fit in a box?

We offer boxes of 2 donuts, 6 donuts or 12 donuts.  We can also package donuts individually upon request (large orders requiring individual packaging will incur a surcharge).

How can I place an order?

We welcome large orders via email but the simplest and most efficient way to place an order of 12 donuts or less is through our website.  Click “Order Now!” on the navigation bar and select the location nearest you to get started.

Can Maverick’s Donut ship me some donuts to my home?  I live on planet Earth but nowhere near a Maverick’s Donut location.

As much as we would love to send our donuts to various parts of the world, our donuts simply don’t travel well enough for us to do so.

What if I receive a box of 12 donuts as a birthday present but I can’t eat them all in one siting (as much as I would love to)?

First of all, Happy (belated) Birthday!  We are happy to say that our donuts freeze very well.  While we pride ourselves on offering fresh donuts made daily, our donuts can be frozen.  To thaw, simply place the donut(s) at room temperature and allow for up to 1 hour of thawing time.

I am visiting family from out of town – how long will the donuts stay fresh?

Because we make our donuts fresh daily, our donuts have a very acceptable shelf life of 24 hours.  Of course, a day-old donut is never as fresh tasting as a donut made on that same day.

I hear that your Fritters are out of this world, but I am never able to get my hands on one.  What’s up with that?

Our fritters are sought after for good reason!  They are delectable and moist, but they are also labour of love.  Given that we make everything fresh in-house daily, our Fritters usually hit the donut bar around 11am.  If you are specifically visiting one of our locations for a Fritter, give them a quick call to confirm availability.  Someone might even be nice enough to set one (or two, or three!) aside for you.

Do you offer gluten free donuts?

We have yet to perfect a gluten-free donut recipe.  We hope to be able to say that we offer a gluten-free product in the near future, stay tuned!

What about allergies?

We very much appreciate the severity of food allergies and food intolerances.  We prefer to err on the side of caution and therefore, we would encourage those with severe food allergies to refrain from taking a chance on our donuts.  Should you or someone you know have any allergies, please let one of our team members know prior to ordering.

Please see all allergen information below:

Peanuts: Peanuts do not appear as a listed ingredient in any of our donuts however, we do carry various tree nuts (Pecans and Walnuts) in our kitchens which are processed in the same facilities as peanuts. With that being said, while the risk of cross contamination is low, it does exist.  We would not feel comfortable labelling our kitchens as “peanut-free”.

Tree Nuts: None of our kitchens are free of tree nuts and the risk should be taken into account prior to placing an order.

Gluten:  We have yet to perfect a Gluten-Friendly Donut recipe and so unfortunately, we do not currently offer a Gluten-Friendly Donut.

Dairy:  Our Vegan Donuts are safe for an individual who suffers from dairy intolerance.  (risk of cross-contamination cannot be completely ruled out)

Eggs:  Our Vegan Donuts are safe for individuals who suffers from egg allergies.  (risk of cross contamination cannot be completely ruled out)

Soy:  Our donuts contain soya and therefore cannot be deemed safe for individuals who suffer from soy allergies. 

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