Meet Maverick’s Donuts

At Mavericks we like you to decide what flavours and toppings suit you. We make delicious hand crafted yeast and cake donuts and then leave the rest up to you. With a huge variety of glazes and toppings there are endless possibilities. You can customize your donut or if you’re not feeling creative we have daily pre-made flavours to chose from

Maverick’s Signature Donuts

Wake’N Bacon
Cake Donut
Canadian Bacon with Maple Icing

Cherry Cheese Cake
Cake Donut
Cherry Glaze with Cream Cheese Filling

Chocolate Cake Donut, Chocolate Glaze and Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Everything!

PB & J
Raised Donut with Crunchy Peanut Butter and
Strawberry Jelly Filled Center

Crème Brûlée
Raised Donut, White Chocolate and Pastry Cream Brûlée Sugar

Lemon Ricotta
Raised Donut with Lemon Ricotta Filling
and Citrus Glaze

Maverick’s Dip & Decorate Donuts

Dip & Decorate
Donut Dip with Vanilla and decorated with sprinkles

Dip & Decorate
Donut Dip Christmas Style

Dip & Decorate
Donut Dip with Fruit Loops

Dip & Decorate
Donut Dip with Oreo Cookie Crumb

Dip & Decorate
Donut Dip with Toffee Bits

Dip & Decorate
Donut Dip with Crushed Peanuts

Dip & Decorate
Donut Dip with Chocolate Sprinkles